What Servanthood Actually Looks Like

Servanthood comes in many forms.

In the warm cup of coffee made just the way he likes it.

In the living stories read out loud to the littles in your life.

In the depths of a sudsy sink, washing what held the food that fed their bellies.

In the long walk across grassy fields while they said what they needed to say, and you listened, and absorbed the process.

In the made-up bed that made a family.

In the ice cream cone carried out to the crossing guard sitting in the heat.

In the attention you give when your 8 year old needs to sing that one song he learned in Sabbath School. And you both grin for different reasons.

In the space on your lawn where a family and their camper are staying so they can work long hours and have a peaceful place to crash each night for a whole week.

In the roof you climb to pull cables so the off-line world can go on-line.

In a golf cart at a fill-your-soul-with-Jesus event as you shuttle people from meeting to meeting.

Servanthood takes bravery. It takes the ladder out of the corporate climb module. Servanthood is not a platform, it is a plateau. We’ve been given a wide open space dotted with people who need our service. Paul writes, “Don’t think only of your own good. Think of other Christians and what is best for them.” (1 Cor. 10:24).

Because servanthood is good, and everything God made was good.

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