For When I’m Cold

Four letters.  One number.  That’s the date today.  June 1. Two more numbers.  60.  That’s the temperature outside. I pull on socks and a sweatshirt.  It’s 60, but clouds hang low, moisture rises high, and mud oozes under my feet.  It’s cold. And that’s when I have to be honest with myself.  I am cold … More For When I’m Cold

Black Smudge

I’m washing black smudges off the bathroom wall.  Smudges made wildly searching for the light switch.  Little hands reaching and moving, touching and learning, and, yes, causing my shoulders to heave a great sigh right about now.  I find more smudges on cabinets, doors, and more walls and I have to ask myself, do they … More Black Smudge

How I Give Thanks

We are stepping off of, what feels like, a summer train gone crazy.  The family and I are just beginning the recuperation of four weeks spent with family and friends who span nine generations and six states.  And I want to take a moment to give thanks for all, because we are blessed beyond measure … More How I Give Thanks