Rather Reckless

I had, rather recklessly, driven to Wisconsin and back in 2 days with a dear girlfriend and 4 small children.  It was a split second decision because we’re not always given more time than that.  I went even with thoughts of “what won’t get done in my absence”.  One of which was “return library books”.  So when we walked through the heavy wooden doors with large brass pulls into a hushed library, the children and I quickly slipped our hardcovers through the drop-box and moved into the children’s department for another weeks reads.

It wasn’t until we were checking out that I looked the librarian in the eye and owned up to our tardiness.  “They were due yesterday, but we didn’t make it.”  I actually felt a large breath of air leave my lungs then.  I didn’t know I had been holding it, but now that the confession had been made, relief took its place and I waited for the results.  Cents possibly had already added up to dollars, but I had my wallet in hand with fingers poised to pull cash when she smiled and said, “You don’t owe anything.  You’re given one grace day.”

I blinked.  Paused.  Humbly mumbled, “Thank you.”

She then began scanning the new pile of books on the verge of toppling.  She talked of books and authors she remembered reading as a child and all I could think about was my reckless decision to NOT be here to turn these books in on time and now there was NO punishment.  No slap on the hand, no chill shoulder, no pursed lips, or tsking of the tongue.  All that stood in its place was a hand-out of Grace.

And isn’t that the same decision God’s taken?  This doling out of pure Grace?  Even to those of us who possess a small reckless gene?

“You don’t owe anything.  You’re given one grace day.”  

And one more, and one more, and one more………more…….more!

Christ in his offering of ALL that is grace.  Given more each day, each hour, each breath of life.  Grace with no price tag.  My skin stretched over bones He sees as that one great pearl worth selling everything to have.

And if I am worth all of that, than isn’t my life designed to smile and repeat this offering?

May I see myself pure as pearl, and recklessly giving grace!


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